Thursday, October 8, 2015

5 Looks to Own this Spring

With the weather warming up, spring and summer fashions are soon to take over, and there's plenty to love about the seasonal trends. From dresses to shoes, swimsuits to accessories, there are all kinds of fun looks that have been featured in spring catalogues and look books throughout 2015. Here are five in particular to own for the months to come.

Fringe Factor

This is a term I'm borrowing from Harper Bazaar's street style guide for the spring, which pointed to the prevalence of fringe designs on pretty much everything. The look actually started appearing on autumn 2015 runways looking ahead to this year's spring season, and it has proven to have some staying power. Dresses, skirts, and even lightweight, warm weather jackets are all looking ultra chic when flowing into loose, dangling fringes.

Floral Dresses

A floral dress isn't exactly unusual or particularly daring for the spring and summer seasons, but it's nonetheless something we're seeing a lot of in 2015. To be fair, this season's version of floral focus does tend to be a little bolder than usual, with full and large blooms on display and covering entire dresses. Lyst'slook at these pieces has a few beautiful examples, such as a Tigerlily maxi wrap with a high slit, or Needle & Thread's stunning mesh mini dress. Bottom line: pick up a dress or two heavily adorned in floral patterns.

Gingham Shirtdresses

Sticking with dresses, and to give you some options, gingham is simply everywhere this season. It earned a whole section in Vogue's style guide for the spring, not just for dresses but for basically everything (there were shoes, handbags, and garments all displaying the look). But nothing seems to show off gingham quite like a shirtdress, which in itself is a popular look for the spring. Often sleeveless, and always light and welcoming of sunlight and warmer weather, these garments are perfect combinations for the seasons to come. Gingham lends them a stylish but casual appearance.

Gladiator Sandals

This trend doesn't need a whole lot of attention because it's been around for some time now—but it's not going anywhere. The gladiator sandal is the dominant footwear trend for the spring and summer, serving up the ideal combination of style and comfort. These sandals leave your feet open and exposed to the summer warmth, giving you the benefits of a flip flop but the security you want in a shoe you're going to be walking around in all day. They also come in just about every colour combination imaginable, which means you can find some to go with pretty much anything.

Army Casual

If you're looking for a more sweeping image idea, there's a distinct army flavour to some of the spring and summer's looks. Elle cited some specific collections working with military influence, and beyond these collections there's been an emphasis on khaki in spring design colours. Any way you cut it, browns, khakis, greens, and patchwork patterns reminiscent of army uniforms are in.

Enjoy your spring wardrobe updates! There's a lot to be said for incoming warm weather fashions every year, and 2015/16 is no different. Between these and other styles making the rounds, it's an easy time to have some fun with.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

'LIVEN' it up in Melbourne!

Melbourne....what can I say - The most Livable City in the World several times over.  It's a city of amazing food, delectable wines and cocktails, live music, rooftop bars and awesome events.

Well if you love this city like I do then take advantage of a great new app for the party crowd in our great city call Liven that lets you enjoy Melbourne even more!

As I was scrolling through Twitter the other day, I came across their app with  an awesome UBER $35 free voucher for new users.  As any sane girl knows, getting a lovely ride home after a night, never goes astray, especially when they comes straight to your door in style!

We then headed out for the night and used the app to grab free drinks and a discount on our meal and then cruised home in style in our UBER free with the voucher we downloaded.

I knowing you want to know more, because this is a pretty sweet deal!

So how does it work?

You can download the app for iPhone through the App Store or for Android - Download from Google Play  and start using it straight away.  Deals are shown on your screen such as 25% off restaurants, 2 for 1 cocktails,

Check out some of the featured deals as well as the ones that just around the corner or 
'Nearby' with their map.   You also see what is running hot in 'popular'.   

As Summer hits Melbourne, this is the app to have at your finger tips!  Get rewards points and keep track of the savings that you're clocking up.  With great deals on Peninsula Hot Springs, Taste Melbourne, beautiful restaurants and more this is a no brainer for the Melbourne socialite that loves living in the moment and enjoying spontaneous treats and eats.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Art, Furniture & Champagne - fenton&fenton Jai Vasicik Exhibition

I found myself at a fab opening exhibition night last week at fenton&fenton in the oh so trendy Melbourne suburb of Prahran, for Ahoy Trader artist and creator, Jai Vasicik pictured below.

Jai Vasicek i
Image via Ahoy Trader - Jai Vasicik

With colourful creations of beautiful women and birds, the pieces were vibrant and full of life.  The evening was flowing with champagne, gorgeous people and a very chilled and relaxed fell.  

For furniture and art lovers living in Melbourne or visiting, fenton&fenton is a must visit!

With my art loving and very fashionable girlfriend Anne (left).

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2014 ~ Runway 1

After a long absence from the fashion scene it was nice to spend a bit of time with friends and fabulous designers in this gorgeous city of ours! Gotta love Melbourne in Spring.

The designers on Runway 1 at Melbourne Town hall tonight were -
JASONGRECH, Aurelio Costarella, Michael Lo Sordo, Carla Zampatti, Dom Bagnato, Gwendolynne, Nicolangela, Anaessia.

Of course every fashion show should start off with pre show cocktails, so we headed to the newly opened Pole Pole which used to be Tony Star's kitten club!  It's been years and I mean (10 Years) or more since I've been in this space, but it's great, open and fresh.  The eggplant chips and pork cigars were yum, well worth a look in for city drinks!

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A lovely night out with Sarah from Little Miss Melbourne

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