Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Curvy Girl Fabtastic Fashion

Sometimes when I look at curvy girl fashion I think it can fall short of being sexy, trendy and flattering. Recently I found a label that nailed it for us curvy girls. Lala Belle The Label is sophisticated, sexy and I love some of their current looks.  Think lace, mesh, laser cut and leather biker pants, then vamp them up with leopard print tops and shoes and you're talking my kind of language.

My favorite pieces are of course the leopard print tee and dress, along with the leather biker pants. Great for different shapes and with the right slip underneath these sheer dresses can be worn for work or play.

Check them out here!

                         Black Coated Guipure Lace Dress- $429







Saturday, March 15, 2014

Designer Spotlight - Sophia Webster The New Shoe Queen

She's the new sweetheart of the shoe world and with good reason.  Sophia Webster is to shoes, what Willy Wonker is to chocolate.  She's the dreamer, the creator the imagination that takes quirky and delicious shoes and she makes them a reality.

Winner of a British Fashion Award in 2013, Sophia Webster has risen to stardom fairly quickly with her dynamic designs, and with an entourage of celebs lining up to wear her gear it not surprising how successful her label is.

Her designs are like something out a comic book with vivid and pastel colours, interesting heels, beautiful stripes and spots, as well as flowers and jewels.  These aren't for the faint hearted as they outprice Jimmy Choo, which is no small 'feet'! {haha}  But these babies are for the faint hearted; topping many other high end brand, Webster shoes cost a cool 300-500+ pounds!  That's around $1000 Aussie dollars.   But you know I do love window shopping as well.

She also has a fabulous range of original and quirky bags. If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen a recent post of me lusting after the 'Say my Name' clutch below.  

The moral of the story, even if you can't afford or wouldn't spend your hard earned cash on these gorgeous pieces, is to get inspiration out her designs.  Look at the shapes, colour and patterns and look how you can put your look together with similar imagination. 

Fashion is all about fun and expression, so don't be shy to mix it up a little!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bang on Target for Kids Styling!

Sometimes you get an opportunity you just can't go past.  I was super excited to be asked by Target if I'd like to have a photoshoot with my kids and check out their new season kids wear.   The fact that I already purchase a lot of the kids clothes from Target was just a bonus!

As I'm usually the family photographer, this was a great opportunity to have a really special afternoon with the kids doing what I love ~ getting dressed up in gorgeous clothes, having out photos taken and strutting around! Who wouldn't love that!

With fashion being one of my many passions it's always exciting to get the kids all dressed up and rocking some gorgeous kids fashion and styling by Target Australia.  The quality of the pieces are fantastic and each piece was on trend for this coming Autumn in Melbourne.   Little Miss Stylise was rocking the quilted polka dot skirt in navy with a white long sleeve top and the 'too cool for school' denim jacket.

Master Stylise (who was a little grumpy on the day!) was rocking a blue and white striped t-shirt with some great taupe pants and navy trainers.  The great thing about kids is that if you give you them pop corn and lollies, they eventually come around and realise that it's all a bit of fun.   All in all a great afternoon with  brilliant photos to boot, some great kids clothing and a happy little Master & Miss Stylise!

A huge thanks to Target Australia for such a special opportunity.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Get Your Rock Chic Sweetheart Styling on this Season!

One of the key looks seen across street styling at many of the fashion weeks this year have been the Rock Chic Sweetheart look.  Think gorgeous feminine dresses and coats with edgy rock-esk boots, shoes and brogues, and I’m loving the look!

Mixing soft prints and materials with harder more comfy shoes is a great way to feel well dressed for a day out and about whilst being about to walk all day in comfort as well as style. The combination of leather accessories, shoes, and bag take softer florals to a new level.  

Image Source: photo 1 photo 2 

Image Source: photo 1  photo 2

To get the look here are some great updates you can add to your wardrobe.  With a mix of fedora’s, laser cut belts, leather bags and great boots these dresses are floaty, feminine and perfect for carrying off the Rock Chic sweetheart look.   

1) Doc Martins Gold Spectra Patent 2) ASOS 50's Midi dress with cut out 3) ASOS Felt Fedora 4)  ASOS Leather shoulder bag with zip base 5) ASOS Pencil Dress with waterfall skirt 6) ASOS Midi skater dress in lace 7) River Island Zig Zag Satchel 8) River Island Leopard Print Lace Insert Slip Dress 9) Doc Martins Meg boot 10) Warehouse laser cut wide waist belt 11) Doc Martins Eloise Shiraz boot 

Volume and detail will be the key to your winter wardrobe so don’t be afraid to give different combinations a go. The midi skirt is everywhere and it adds to the classic 50's style look. To create an easy update, add a new pair of boots or shoes to dresses already hanging in your wardrobe along with the baby pink coat (item 12 above) that is being seen on every runway by both high end designers and high street retailers.  Using laser cut leather belts to bring in the volume of an outfit can ensure you don't get lost in these looks.

So have fun and play around with what you have as well as a new season update.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gok for Target Live Makeovers & Runway fun at Chadstone

I'm a big fan of Gok - he's like the fairy godmother to women of all shapes and sizes and I think that Target is a great brand alignment for him and his message to women.  Finding what is right for your shape at an affordable price.  Today Target showed that they are seriously upping their game and were bang on trend with many of their current in store pieces as well as their new Autumn/Winter ranging coming in store in March.

Gok was entertaining, funny and energised even with half a voice!   The makeovers were fab (as expected) and it's always lovely to see women who are shy and uncomfortable at first turn into confident runway models with serious bounce in their step.  There were 3 live makeovers (below) and as you can see it was a resounding success!! Well done Mr Wan!




Then we had the pleasure of the runway show and whilst there was a huge range of gorgeous pieces, here are a few of my favorite.

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Slip & Cami Dress Trend ~ Feminine, Versatile & Sexy!

A dress I didn't think I would love this much, now seems to be at the top of my hit list.  It could be because we're having a super hot summer and the thought of a light weight, beautiful, floaty dress that I can throw on and look fab in, is always appealing.  Remember - high maintenance look lifestyle in a low maintenance time frame - that's what I'm all about!

So how is the slip dress being styled on the streets & runways?  Well take a little inspiration from a few celebs!

Now you can own your own little piece of sexy slip wear to keep you cool this season!

ASOS Lace Floral Print Cami Dress on Sale $39.20

ASOS Cami Dress In Architexture Stripe - $82.32

ASOS Camo Mesh Insert Cami Dress on Sale $35.28

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Slip Dress in Strappy Back in Big Floral $78.40

Costa Blanca Printed Slip Dress on Sale $49.00

ANTHROPOLOGIE - Camille slip dress on Sale $123

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