Thursday, February 7, 2013

Transeasonal Style

Well... last Friday my wardrobe and I had a stand off – me looking at it in exasperation thinking I had absolutely nothing to wear and it starring right back at me saying “Are you kidding I am full to bursting  of perfectly suitable clothes”.  Besides the fact I was a bit behind on my washing therefore further limiting wardrobe choices, the problem was the weather. 

It was not hot but also not cold, it was raining, but still too warm to wear my trusty trench, plus I knew that I was going to go out after work... Aghhhh!  Night. Mare.  (Is there such a thing as a ‘morning-mare’  because  that’s probably more like what it actually was!).

In retail speak this in-between kind of weather is known as “transeasonal”, when summer starts to get cooler or winter starts to get warmer (more commonly known as Autumn and Spring… unless you live in Melbourne where it could potentially be any day of the year). 

As I made my way to the tram stop, dodging puddles and shivering slightly, I of course thought of about five better variations of outfit, so I vowed to myself then and there that I would come up with a few potential combos so this wouldn't happen again.

Now, I know you’re all probably screaming  “ layer, layer, layer” – and yes, this is the ideal way to combat this weather, what happens though when you don’t really feel like layering (or cant be bothered with the extra washing and ironing it will create!)??

First things first – you need some basics:

A cool white shirt:

Country Road

This is great for wearing either open or closed with a skirt, tailored pants or jeans – it covers your arms but is still lightweight

Some lightweight pants:

Country Road
Not quite a jean, not quite a trouser, these can be dressed up or down and are super stylish.

A shift dress:

Country Road
Paired with some light black tights and ankle boots, is simple and fun.

 Something a bit funky:

A nice little bum coverer that looks super cool over pencil pants! 

Secondly, invest in a big handbag! 

(i.e. -  so that you can take a change of clothes/ extra layer with you!!) 

Third  – Wrap it up!

Don’t forget that a scarf can make instant warmness and can add a splash of colour or point of interest to any outfit!  

Problem, solved!

Thanks to today's fabulous guest writer, Henrietta Hannemann

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