Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fashion Solutions for your Arms, Tummy and Hips!

It's Summer.... well sort of!  It's officially summer but the hot weather has been eluding us recently.  Even so I'm being hopeful and looking for great bits and pieces for my Summer wardrobe.

Like most women there are part of my body that I like to emphasis and others like to camouflage a little more so I thought I would share some my recent finds to help you update your wardrobe with pieces you'll love to wear!

If you're not loving your arms..........

These tops by Jay Godrey on Revolvecothing.com, show a little skin but all in the right places.  Focusing on the scope neck and the shoulder area but covering the inner arm as well as the upper back section of the arm (if you're worried about tuck shop arms!).  It comes in a number of great colours and would be perfect for a summer Christmas party with a skirt, jeans and heels or just for a BBQ.

Country Road (one of my favs) have also been embracing the ruffle sleeve which is great for covering up the arms whilst still providing a stylish and cool summer top.

For larger hips and thighs.....................

I usually go for something that comes in at the waist and is either knee length or midi (just below the knee). This mean that it skims over the areas that I don't want to focus on and draws attention to my waist, calves or just the print and shape of the dress in general, like in image 2 with the Asos Wiggle Dress.  Sometimes a bold print can hide a world of problems, so don't be shy to try new colours and prints out this Summer.

1) Country Road Chevron Stripe 2) Asos Wiggle Dress 3) Asos Midi with wrap skirt 4) Asos loose Midi

Tummy be gone!

Going for dresses and tops with prints are great if you have a little tummy you want to hide.  The allusion of the print and the cut of the top or dress will ensure that you can eat more Christmas turkey than normal and still look fabulous!   Loose-fitting dresses or peplum tops (depending on the length of the peplum) can be great for this issue and are a super comfy option as well rather than something hugging and fitted.

There are so many great styles, prints and shapes available at the moment which don't have to cost you a fortune, so give different outfits a try and see what works for you.  I've found that my body has changed over the years so what may have suited 5 years ago, needs to be put out to pasture, and that's okay.  Work with what you have an love as much as you can.    If you know what suits you and can shop for right then you'll always leave the house feeling confident, comfortable and super stylish!

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