Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bang on Target for Kids Styling!

Sometimes you get an opportunity you just can't go past.  I was super excited to be asked by Target if I'd like to have a photoshoot with my kids and check out their new season kids wear.   The fact that I already purchase a lot of the kids clothes from Target was just a bonus!

As I'm usually the family photographer, this was a great opportunity to have a really special afternoon with the kids doing what I love ~ getting dressed up in gorgeous clothes, having out photos taken and strutting around! Who wouldn't love that!

With fashion being one of my many passions it's always exciting to get the kids all dressed up and rocking some gorgeous kids fashion and styling by Target Australia.  The quality of the pieces are fantastic and each piece was on trend for this coming Autumn in Melbourne.   Little Miss Stylise was rocking the quilted polka dot skirt in navy with a white long sleeve top and the 'too cool for school' denim jacket.

Master Stylise (who was a little grumpy on the day!) was rocking a blue and white striped t-shirt with some great taupe pants and navy trainers.  The great thing about kids is that if you give you them pop corn and lollies, they eventually come around and realise that it's all a bit of fun.   All in all a great afternoon with  brilliant photos to boot, some great kids clothing and a happy little Master & Miss Stylise!

A huge thanks to Target Australia for such a special opportunity.


  1. I just love everything about this !!

    1. thanks chick, it was a fun afternoon and the photos are priceless!


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